BlockScore is now Cognito

Our name may have changed, but all BlockScore products are still available. This page outlines the most important resources for existing customers.

BlockScore Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening to BlockScore products?

We have re-branded and re-launched our core identity verification service as Cognito. All traditional BlockScore products will remain fully functional and maintained. You can find links to the most important BlockScore resources above.

Are you forcing me to switch to Cognito?

Definitely not. Even though we think that everyone can benefit from a switch to Cognito, we completely understand and respect that some of our customers are very happy with their current setup.

Why should I switch to Cognito?

Cognito has an entirely re-written architecture providing you with significantly richer and more comprehensive data, a better experience for your customers, a more flexible integration, enterprise pricing options, and significantly better security for you and your customers. Cognito is an order of magnitude better than anything else available on the market.

Do you offer Cognito deals for BlockScore customers?

Absolutely - we would love to help you make the transition as smoothly as possible. Switching deals will be available to all customers who signed up before May 1, 2017. Just let us know when you contact us that you are a current BlockScore customer.