Compliance with Cognito

An Overview of What to Expect

We’re excited to begin working with you! In order to ensure that Cognito’s data is only given to legitimate companies with appropriate use cases, we require your business to go through a few steps that are outlined on this page.

Complete Compliance in Three Steps

1. Business Review Form: A simple form to gather your essential business information. Within this form we also request a few documents for proof of address and proof of employment.

2. Onsite Inspection: This is a quick and easy process that ensures your corporate office is safe (locking doors, paper shredders, etc).

3. Data Handling Agreement: If you wish to conducting data testing prior to a contract execution, we request a data handling agreement is signed.

That’s it! Once steps 1-3 are completed, you are welcome to begin testing as you wish. We have three options for testing, chose the options that best fit your needs.

Testing Options

1. Sandbox API keys: Become familiar with the API endpoints and response formats via our sandbox. Learn more about the sandbox API keys here.

2. Live Dashboard: Once compliance is completed, we can convert your sandbox account to a live trial dashboard where you will be able to conduct real searches and receive real results.

3. Bulk Data Upload: With a bulk data upload, we can test 500-1000 records for you so you are able to determine approximate match rates for your customer demographic.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding compliance or data testing. We are happy to help!

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