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Identity Verification API Documentation

This documentation will give you everything you need to get up and running with Cognito's ID verification APIs.

Image of a phone-based identity verification API flow

Getting Started

Cognito is an incredibly powerful API which helps you understand who your customer really is. In these guides we outline how to integrate the API for most common use cases.

Authenticating your requests

Securely communicate with our servers using your API key and secret.

Verifying your customers using their phone

Learn how to build a signup flow which requires only a name and phone number to get started while still maintaining a high level of identity assurance.

Expanding your identity search

Verify your customers with additional data like the SSN allowing you to maximize automated verification rates when a customer’s phone alone is not enough.

Assessing your identity search results

Once Cognito has returned the data associated with your customer you might need some help evaluating those results. This section covers how to interpret your data and make the most of Cognito.

Receive emails about API upgrades and changes

Get instant support

We try to make ourselves as accessible as possible while you’re completing or modifying your integration. Our developers idle in a Slack chat room which you are free to join by requesting access. Alternatively you can email support@cognitohq.com.