Level up your identity verification service

Verify the name, date of birth, address and SSN of your customers for KYC compliance and anti-fraud starting with just their phone number.

A web of personal data for our identity verification service

Low-friction anti-fraud and compliance

Our industry-proven ID verification service is used by companies big and small as part of their customer identification program (CIP).

Comply with AML and KYC regulations

Augment your customer due diligence procedures with our modern systems. We help you automate and streamline your compliance processes.

Verify the age of your customers

If you are selling age-restricted content or goods, Cognito can help you ensure that your customers are old enough to do business with you.

Powerful sanctions screening

Real-time sanction and watchlist scanning helps you understand potential compliance risks before doing business with potential customers.

Extensive data sources

We source hundreds of primary and redundant data sources to ensure that the information we serve you is as up-to-date as possible.

Rich authoritative and proprietary data

Our data is sourced from authoritative databases like local governments, federal governments and financial institutions giving you a higher degree of reliability.

Instantly verify death records

Ensure that your customers are not on the Death Master File to prevent one of the most common forms of identity fraud.

Expansive address history

Verify up to the past 15 addresses of your customers and see time ranges of when they were associated with the properties.

Powerful and intuitive dashboard

All of our products are accessible from our dashboard system. Share links with your colleagues and create new verifications without writing code.

Up-to-date activity feed

The dashboard home screen shows a feed of all of the customers and verifications running through the system helping you stay on top of what's new.

Graphs to track usage

Stay on top of your current usage with our live graphs showing weekly, monthly and yearly verification breakdowns.

Visualize your results using our clear summaries

Our carefully designed pages make it easy to understand how well a customer matched authoritative data without referencing a handbook.

Get started immediately

We are have the easiest and fastest onboarding process in the entire industry. Get started today.

Risk-free test sandbox

Try our dashboard for free and immediately get a feel for the type of data our identity verification service tool provides. It's risk-free with no strings attached.

World-class documentation

Our identity verification API documentation is freely available and easy to understand. No more emailing out of date PDF implementation guides to co-workers.