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What is Required to Know Your Customer?

The Anti-Money Laundering Checklist

The Cost of a Poor KYC program

The Frustrations of Ineffective Watchlist Solutions

Simple Address Verification

How to Avoid Common AML Missteps

CCPA Guidelines

Age Verification Without Friction

Supporting companies providing community relief during COVID-19

Infographic: How a Phone Number Becomes an Identity

Why Phone Numbers Are the Best Path to Provable Possession

Know Your Strategy: Assessing AML Compliance, Risk Appetite, and the Onboarding Lifecycle

Cognito Flags Politically Exposed Persons — So You Don’t Have To

5 Tips to Optimizing Match Rates

Identity Verification: The Complete Guide to Choosing a Solution

Not All Fraud is the Same

Identity Verification Without SSN

How We Re-Built Our Product to Have 2,000% More Traction

3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your IDV Solution

5 Trends in Identity Verification to Watch for in 2019

New Feature: Screen Digital Currency Addresses on OFAC Lists

Product Updates: Faster Responses, Drivers Licenses, and More

How Gradual Verification Reduces Sign Up Abandonment

How Identity Verification Works in a Post-SSN World

6 Tips to Maximize Identity Verification UX

SSN From a Phone Number?!

5 Pry Features Every Ruby Developer Should Know

Say Hello to Cognito

Thinking of Using Social Data?

Why Startups Get Millennials and You Don’t

How to Fix Your Verification Conversion Rate

Cognito vs. Traditional ID Verification

New Features in Ruby 2.4

How Ruby Hides Complexity

New Features in Ruby 2.3

How to Write Better Code Using Mutation Testing

Words to Avoid in Your YC Application

Why We Open Source Our Terms of Service

New regulations for e-cigarette and vaping compliance under TX SB97

Selecting an ID verification provider

New dashboard now available

Using BlockScore in an app

How ID verification works

6 Best Practices for ID Verification

Documentary versus electronic ID verification

Real-time company and merchant verification

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