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3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your IDV Solution

As humans, we are always longing for the latest and greatest; an upgraded car, the latest iPhone version or a first class upgrade on our next flight. We long for these upgrades because we know they offer enhancements that will ultimately make our lives easier and better. While it may not be as top of mind as a new phone, the same can be said for your company’s IDV solution. You, your CEO, investors, and your customers will all benefit from a state of the art, upgraded IDV solution.

You will have less headache working with a battle tested API, your management will be amazed by the increased user volume, investors will love increased profits from a cost effective solution and customers will be happy from the very beginning of your relationship because you made life easy.

Here a few more reasons your team will love the upgrade to Cognito:

Traditional solutions cannot scale - Solutions like Documentary ID Verification are not scalable. Companies providing documentary solutions often have difficulty hitting SLA’s and in many instances manual review has to take place. Yes, an actual person has to get involved - even in 2019!

Traditional solutions are not actually verifiable - when a person submits a passport photo or a copy of their driver’s license, the real work being done is simply checking for tampering evidence. Validating if it is a legit document - not actually verifying the person who submitted the ID is the actual person on the ID.

Traditional solutions are not user friendly - we all know (and if you don’t here is a previous blog post on it) that user experience is a huge priority for companies, users are demanding it. For documentary providers, 15 seconds is the absolute best case turnaround time for IDV. Often times it can take 5 minutes to receive a verification. 5 MINUTES! And, that does not include the time it takes for a person to find their ID, take a picture and upload it. Remember when Google came out with a stat in 2016 saying 53% of visits are likely to be abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load? How many lost customers will traditional IDV cost you in 2019?

Cognito is built for scale, fully verifiable, and designed for users so that results get delivered instantaneously.

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