Full stack ID verification

Cognito Flow lets you verify the identity of your customers, wherever they are, in any way you need, with 20 lines of code.

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New ways to verify your customers

Flow seamlessly stitches together verification methods, presenting the lowest friction options for every country first and allowing intelligent fallbacks for every scenario.

Instant PII verification

With Flow’s Lightning Verifications you can verify name, date of birth, and local ID numbers like SSN with regional data sources in 36 countries.

Instant address verification

Use our global databases in 15 countries to verify proof of residency without requiring bank statements or utility bills.

Intelligent fallbacks

Different countries support varying verification methods. Flow helps you pick the lowest friction methods for each user and fallback to higher friction methods where required.

SMS verification

Turn on global SMS verification with the flip of a switch. Everything from deliverability to spamming prevention is handled automatically on your behalf.

Phone ID link

Link phone numbers with real world identities. Coupled with SMS verification you can authenticate customers easily and accurately.

ID document verification

Verify passports, drivers licenses, ID cards, and more with precision anti-fraud and computer vision.

200+ countries and territories. 11,000 document types. 21 alphabets. Processes in less than 30 seconds, powered by deep learning.

Liveness verification

Cutting edge facial comparison and 3D facial landmark analysis to make sure your customer is real and matches their ID documents.

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Watchlist and PEP screening

Flow integrates with Cognito Screening to provide a first class AML experience. Review watchlist hits, re-screen them, receive full audit trails and settings tuned based on customer risk levels.

Simple integration

Powerful and flexible with only 20 lines of Javascript. Integrate Flow in an afternoon and instantly have a sophisticated ID verification system.

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Managed Flow

Use our fully managed, conversion-optimized embeddable interface for all aspects of user verification

  • Automatic updates
  • Customizable with no code
  • Launch quickly

Hybrid Flow


Verify customers via API and dynamically handle fallbacks and exceptions with the Flow UI

  • No-code for complex fallbacks
  • Full UI control for most users
  • Reduce data input repetition

Codeless design

Make Flow fit your brand and style

Manage your Flow effortlessly

Flow is designed to help to manage your full verification lifecycle on the web. Everything from updating verification behaviors to handling manual reviews.

Always up-to-date

Automatically stays up-to-date with best practices & features

We handle the hundreds of aspects required for high quality ID verification and keep them up to date against ever-changing requirements.

Legal NamePhone NumberPostal CodeAddressDate of BirthNational ID
Phone NumberPostal CodeAddressDate of BirthNational IDLegal Name
Postal CodeAddressDate of BirthNational IDLegal NamePhone Number

Managed workflows

Customize pass conditions and workflows without writing code

Remove the middlemen and let your compliance and fraud teams manage success criteria directly. No more cross-team miscommunication or badly documented behaviors.

Hosted verifications

Verify your customers by sending them a generated link to your Flow


Handle everything from failed verifications and exception cases to periodic re-KYC of your clients on demand

Optimized conversion rate

Designed to convert customers and handle exceptions

Flow is a drop-in verification system that covers all aspects of the verification experience from a hyper-optimized user interface to the case management for handling exceptions.

Built-in anti-fraud

Hundreds of anti-fraud signals, summarized & easily digestible

Harness the power of cutting edge anti-fraud without the information overload. Flow looks at hundreds of attributes to look for signs of fraud and rolls them up into straightforward explanations.

Customer Stories

Audius wanted to increase trust and safety within their community. Flow allowed them to do so with minimal engineering effort and cost.

Trust & Safety

Eco brought KYC in-house from their banking partner. Flow allowed them to exceed the UX of their previous system without sacrificing security.

Exclusively US

Republic used to stitch KYC and AML solutions together which caused huge headaches. Switching to Flow let them consolidate on a single system.


Ivella was looking for a full-stack verification system in preparation for their public launch. Flow helped them get going quickly with their issuing bank.

Exclusively US

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