Fast and accurate address verification service

A physical address is one of the most important elements
that make up a customer’s identity.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that address verification is one of the basic requirements for KYC/AML checks. Because of strict KYC/AML regulations, businesses need to verify the addresses of customers, vendors, merchants, agents, and others to confirm their authenticity. Doing so minimizes the risk and threat of fraudsters and allows for complete due diligence.

Cognito differs from competitors by offering a secure, real-time, and automated tool. Our online address validation process begins with nothing more than a name and phone number and leverages data from authoritative, trusted sources to validate customers’ current and historic address information in real-time.

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Trusted data sources enhance our process

The purpose of address verification is to verify, correct, and standardize customer addresses as a type of physical identifying data.

APIs assist with reliable verification and validation in several different ways, such as by normalizing street address values to the USPS standard and verifying shipping addresses in real-time around the country.

Cognito’s solution validates and verifies customer addresses by pulling from trusted data sources such as credit bureaus, government records, and other financial institution records to authenticate customers’ current and previous address information. It also makes imperfect or incomplete data usable with robust algorithms that find areas of similarity and connections with structured data.

Benefits across numerous industries

Businesses in many industries use address verification tools to verify individual customer addresses, mailing lists, as well as other types of data that rely on accurate address information. Industry examples include e-commerce, financial services, third-party logistics companies, vacation rental services, background check firms, and more.

There are many benefits of Cognito’s  solution for various industry applications, including:

Less returned mail: Address verification ensures up-to-date data for consistent and accurate delivery. On the contrary, poor-quality address data increases mailing costs, wastes time, and contributes to the amount of returned mail that comes back to a company.

Better business performance and efficiency: Access to accurate and up-to-date information allows businesses to maintain an organized and unified customer database, and operations to be more efficient overall.

Happier customers: Customers that receive the correct shipments in a timely and stress-free manner will leave better reviews and be more satisfied with a company’s service overall. This can also improve brand perception.

Cognito differs from competitors by offering a secure, real-time, and automated address verification tool.

Our secure API solution

Cognito’s API solution can help companies enable accurate pinpoint of geo coordinates, parse and normalize street address data to the USPS standard, and verify shipping addresses in real-time, plus more. It also allows you to see the last 15 addresses associated with a customer, along with estimates of when the client lived there so that you can easily identify person-place connections or potential fraud schemes.

Whether your company is shipping products to customers around the globe, needs to comply with KYC regulations, or you need to authenticate the location of rental properties to prevent instances of fraud, Cognito’s API solution can be quickly, easily, and securely integrated with your existing customer onboarding process.

Cognito’s automated solution offers a seamless process and robust support to help you streamline a quick transition to a brand new verification process that reduces client friction and enables you to provide safe, secure, and compliant services to your customers.

Ensure address accuracy and increase deliverability today with Cognito

A fast, secure, and accurate solution is a key aspect of KYC/AML compliance and business performance. If your company or organization is facing related challenges, our tried and tested automated solution can help.

Let Cognito’s solution propel your company into a new level of customer service, performance, and compliance, with our industry-leading product. Whether your company is aiming to streamline delivery processes, improve onboarding conversions, eliminate unnecessary spending, minimize fraud, or all of the above, Cognito has the right product for you.

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