There’s a better way to verify your customers

Smarter identity verification services and compliance solutions


Verify customer identity with as little as their phone number.

Popular Features

  • Verify SSN, age, address, phone
  • Reduce onboarding friction
  • Eliminate bad actors


Screen people and companies against watchlists for AML.

Popular Features

  • Compliance CRM and API
  • Automated ongoing re-screening
  • Learns over time to improve hits


Verify businesses reliably and eliminate manual reviews.

Popular Features

  • Corporate structure and locations
  • Company officers
  • Bankruptcies, lawsuits, filings

Cognito is designed for high growth business to onboard more customers, more securely, with enterprise uptime, dependable & up-to-date data, and battle-tested infrastructure.

Automate your KYC and AML with ease

Our APIs are easy to integrate and our dashboards are built to simplify workflows, not clog them. With robust documentation and hands-on support, you will be integrated in days not months.

Best practices come standard

We've verified and screened millions of customers and have learned a thing or two about what works. Our APIs are built to make doing the right thing the default so you can focus on your business.

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First class developer experience

Extensive API documentation, a dedicated Slack room for your company, and clients SDKs for the most popular programming languages make Cognito quick and easy to integrate.

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Comprehensive security & compliance

Data security and compliance sit at our core. Sensitive values like SSNs are encrypted on disks with AES-256 and we engage in regular organizational (SOC 2) and app-level security audits.

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