Cognito is the identity verification service for the post-SSN world

Starting with just a phone number, we verify your customers in real-time

We help hundreds of businesses onboard millions of customers seamlessly and safely

Zero Friction

Our identity verification service requires only a phone number to start verifying your customer allowing you to streamline your flow and cut out onerous inputs.

Full Spectrum Verification

Gradually collect additional information such as date of birth, address or SSN to verify each customer with as little information as possible.

Leading Match Rates

We use the highest quality regulated data on the market to maximize your match rate and minimize required manual review.

Certified SOC 2 Compliant

Every layer of our organization, from the code to the people, adheres to the strictest standards of security and industry best practices.

See how uses Cognito for age verification and KYC

How does it work?

Our API pulls back customer data using info from your signup flow
Bank Sign Up
Phone number
First name
Last name

Our flexible scoring system helps you determine the relevance and quality of customer-submitted data in real time, effortlessly.

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