There's a better way to verify your customers.

Smarter anti-fraud and compliance solutions for fast-growing businesses.

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A fresh approach to customer and business verification.

The right verification solution makes your user experience easier, more secure, and increases conversion rates. Cognito's identity verification verifies your customers are who they claim to be, ensuring compliance and stopping fraud.


Verify people with as little
as their phone number.


Screen people/companies against PEP, OFAC and other watchlists.


Verify businesses reliably and
eliminate manual reviews.

High growth problems,
easily solved.

Cognito is tailored for high growth businesses. Providing identity verification with enterprise uptime, fast response times, reliable data, and battle-tested infrastructure.

Case Studies

Happiness from customer
to compliance officer.

Your users deserve the best experience without compromising security or compliance. Cognito products are designed to both accelerate the customer journey, and minimize fraud and compliance review.

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