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Online customers want easy, convenient access to browse and purchase age-restricted products within the privacy of their own homes. Many businesses in industries like cannabis, alcohol, and gaming have a responsibility to make sure that products intended for adults do not get into the hands of minors. These businesses are also legally required to protect minors and meet regulatory obligations to deter fraud.

Unfortunately, with increasing regulatory compliance standards, asking your users to self-certify their date of birth is no longer enough to prove that you did your due diligence to prevent sales to underage minors and reduce instances of fraud. Expecting delivery agents to verify date of birth risks costly violations and returned products. Instead, you need something more robust.

Effective and secure identity verification with Cognito provides a stronger level of protection for your clients and your business. Our identity verification systemallows you to quickly identify legitimate customers, calculate age by date of birth, protect minors from exposure to content, products, or services that are intended for adults, and protect your business from fraud schemes. Ultimately, these tools will also show consumers and regulators that you take safety and security very seriously, which will protect your brand reputation.

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Reliable digital verification

Online age verification isn’t always a smooth or fast process. Other digital age verification solutions require details like the customer’s name, address, government-issued ID card number, and a selfie to verify age and identity. An onerous signup process clogged with these requirements deters clients from engaging with your product, leading to a decrease in sales or a more costly signup process for you. How do you meet regulatory and moral obligations in today’s digital age without compromising your bottom line or user experience?

With Cognito, you can adhere to legal obligations, protect your brand reputation, and maintain socially responsible business practices without compromising your company’s frictionless online customer experience or your bottom line. 

Easily and quickly onboard new customers while you prevent fraud by starting with nothing more than your customer’s name and phone number. Sound too good to be true? Think again. Our identity verification can easily increase your onboarding conversion rates by accurately and quickly verifying each customer’s identity, date of birth, and shipping address without any hiccups. Instead, it adapts to your flow and eliminates the need for burdensome legacy solutions like scanning photo IDs.

Accurately verify date of birth

To verify a customer’s date of birth and identity, all Cognito requires is a name and phone number. Your customer’s phone number serves as a unique piece of data, which Cognito can use to quickly and accurately cross-reference reliable customer data from other regulated and government-backed sources to create a single identity profile.

Not only does Cognito’s identity verification allow you to identify an individual within mere seconds and prevent fraudsters, but it also gives you the power of authentication. This means Cognito ensures that the user signing up is actually who they say they are, since possession of the phone tied to the claimed identity is required via an SMS verification. 

Verify age across numerous industries

Cognito’s identity verification solution can be easily implemented for you to verify age and is an essential tool for application across various industries such as: 

  • cannabis;
  • alcohol;
  • gaming;
  • e-cigarettes and vaping;
  • online gambling;
  • online dating; and
  • entertainment.

By implementing Cognito, we’ve helped many companies increase their sales volume, eliminate a cumbersome signup process, boost KYC compliance, and improve overall user experience. Our solutions also effectively help you reduce the cost of acquiring new customers and improve your customers’ lifetime value so you can start experiencing profitable, long-lasting benefits.

A system with seamless API integration

Integrating Cognito to your website or app is quick and easy, with extensive API documentation and hands-on support. After you add the Cognito API to your signup process, customers can sign up with just their name and phone number, while Cognito automatically gets to work consulting regulated data sources to confirm each customer’s identity and date of birth.

Most importantly, Cognito can be adapted to suit your business needs, so you can use whatever level of authentication best fits your product and clientele. Combined with a one-time passcode, your customer’s phone number is ultimately the key to quickly and securely authenticating identity to prevent fraud and protect underage consumers. And the best part? Cognito enables you to do it all without compromising a fast and easy user experience.


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