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5 Tips to Optimizing Match Rates

Cognito’s flexible identity verification API was built to adapt to your sign up flow, not define it. With flexibility comes options so our engineers put together a few common tips and tricks to help ensure you have the highest match rates possible for your users:

  1. Data Validations: Good data validations filter out sign up spam. The more validation you do up front, the more streamlined and successful your verifications will become. Also be clear in the information you are collection, for example request legal name, not just name.
  2. Experiment: Test out different input combinations to see what works best for your demographic. Phone + Name + DOB? Or Phone + Name + last 4 of SSN? Or try layering different input combinations with gradual verification. Remember, if you don’t get a hit, there is no charge!
  3. Thresholds: As a default, the threshold for a passing score is set to 80. However, you can adjust this threshold based on your risk tolerance and compliance requirements.
  4. Second Chance: If a user does not pass verification because of a low score on the phone number, try giving them an opportunity to verify themselves a different way. Sometimes the issue can be a simple as a recent change to their phone number, or they input their non-primary number.
  5. Review Compliance Requirements: Often times we find customers over constrain searches when they don’t need to. Be sure to review your compliance requirements to see if you can simplify inputs. For example, do you need to ask for address? Perhaps you can just ask for name, phone number and DOB?

Still have questions or want to learn more? Feel free to reach out to us about your use case and our solutions engineers we would love to help!

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