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Product updates: faster responses, drivers licenses, and more

We’ve been hard at work improving your Cognito experience, and today we are highlighting 5 upgrades that we have made recently:

Faster responses: The speed of our responses is always a priority for us to ensure that your customers’ experience is as seamless as possible. Over the past few months we have improved response times by as much as 30% and doubled the speed of accessing the dashboard for high volume customers.

Drivers license data: Approved customers can now opt to receive drivers license numbers and issuance states where the data is available. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in receiving this data.

API keys on the dashboard: You no longer need to contact our support to view your account’s API keys. All you need to do is log into your dashboard and you can find it in your account settings.

Strong phone link indicator: You are now able to tell which phones are most strongly associated with an individual using the dashboard. This is particularly helpful for anti-fraud review.

Address timeline: Combing through someone’s address history can be difficult, so we’ve added the ability to visualize where someone has lived on a timeline by clicking “View Timeline” on any identity search on the dashboard.

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