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Supporting companies providing community relief during COVID-19

In response to the growing impact that the Coronavirus is having on people, businesses and communities, the Cognito team is now offering additional support to businesses who are providing community relief during the outbreak. We will be offering the lowest prices that we possibly can to help facilitate altruistic use cases such as:

  • Telemedicine
  • Remote learning or access to educational resources
  • Child care for workers unable to work from home
  • Food and resource distribution

We have heard from businesses generously offering their goods or services at little to no cost, and want to do our part to ensure that your internal costs are not a prohibiting factor.Remote authentication of identity is a core part of ensuring the integrity and security of the services that we use every day. The Cognito team is continuing to operate as normal and is ready to support others who are providing a helping hand during this trying time. We are all in this together.

If you are working on a project that you think benefits the broader community, please reach out to us so we can attempt to help in any way we can at

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