Changelog for October 25, 2021

Added US BIS Unverified entity list, Flow modal fine-tuning, and a speedier dashboard πŸ’¨


  • πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ US Bureau of Industry and Security Unverified List (API code: US_UVL) is now available for screening entities


  • Redundant, leading digits in phone numbers are now automatically removed for Flow end-users
  • Significantly improved the performance of Flow dashboard index pages, especially for users with a large number of sessions
  • Removed redundant Continue button from the SMS code Flow step which submits automatically when the code is entered
  • Adjusted styling of the Flow country selection modal to be less cramped


  • Bug temporarily preventing new Flow Template updates
  • Fixed a typo in an SMS delivery failure message and a developer-facing warning
  • Fixed a bug where ID documents from US territories would crash the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Screenings could be created if the New Screening button was clicked more than once in rapid succession
  • Fixed a race condition that could delay Flow session step processing
  • Fixed an issue with Hybrid Flow verifications where a 400 status code would be returned, but a session would still be persisted

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