Changelog for November 3, 2021

Manual review overrides for ID documents, higher ID document pass rates, Flow feedback system ↩️


  • If an ID document fails verification, you can now override the system's decision and allow the Flow session to continue. We'll be adding overrides to more step types soon!

Override ID document decisions

  • 🇺🇸 Non-SDN Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies List (API code: US_CMC) is now available for screening entities
  • You are now able to report any issues with a Flow session from within the dashboard. This helps improve the feedback loop of letting the Cognito team know when you discover parts of a verification that had unexpected outcomes so they can be fixed as quickly as possible

Report a problem modal


  • ID document verifications will now use MRZ-extracted date of birth information to augment OCR extractions
  • We have further improved international name matching between user input and information extracted via OCR. Vietnamese, Cyrillic, Korean, and Chinese character matching now has a higher chance of a transliteration match to Latin user inputs
  • We now show a helpful message on the dashboard to show when a user is still inputting data during a Lightning verification
  • Added EPIC ID number support for 🇮🇳 Indian Lightning verifications
  • We've improved the interface for selecting watchlists for Screening to provide helpful information about the lists that are available and what they screen against New watchlist selector


  • Fixed an issue where ID documents with erroneously submitted backs would fail
  • Fixed an issue with porting PII over during reflow attempts
  • Fixed an issue where ID documents would incorrectly OCR country codes and would get stuck in our queue
  • Fixed an issue with Kosovo ID documents would get stuck due to inconsistent country codes
  • Fixed an issue where SSN last4 validation was too strict
  • Fixed an issue where some 🇳🇱 Dutch Lightning verifications could error out
  • Fixed an overly strict validation on Australian passport numbers

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