Changelog for November 8, 2021

Introducing the Flow Network Explorer, and a more reliable, faster Flow 🧭


  • We're excited to announce the Flow Network Explorer. Flow is always trying to block fraudulent verification attempts, and one of the most powerful tools we use involves understanding the velocities of various characteristics of users signing up for your platform. Today we use Device IDs and IP address and plan to expand it more over time.

    The Flow Network Explorer lets you view a list of all historical Flow sessions that are related in some way to the current session, such as users who signed up multiple times using the same device, or perhaps a shared internet connection. This helps you understand the graph of potentially fraudulent users and shut them down proactively.

    Faster opening speeds

    Flow Network Explorer

  • You can now expire API keys that are no longer in use via the dashboard. No more contacting support to roll API keys!

  • 🇪🇺 Interpol Red Notices for Wanted Persons List (API code: IZ_IPL) is now available for screening individuals

  • 🇺🇸 FBI Wanted List (API code: US_FBI) is now available for screening individuals

  • 🌐 State Owned Enterprises List (API code: IZ_SOE) is now available for screening entities


  • Improved the back button navigation behavior on the Flow dashboard. The back button will now remember which page you were last on so you don't lose your place when investigating sessions

  • We've improved the time to first launch the Flow modal for your users by 30% - 50% with a significant decrease in variability

    Faster opening speeds

  • ID documents will now be uploaded to hyper-local servers, speeding up uploads by 20% - 600% depending on the country/region where the upload takes place

  • Significantly improved the reliability of liveness verifications

  • Added additional country flags to help readability of ID document metadata

  • Lightning verifications will now show PO Box and address type information on the dashboard

  • Added a new animation to liveness verifications to make head turning instructions clearer

  • Added links to view raw, uncropped ID document images to the dashboard

  • Manual approval has been added to risk checks

    Override risk checks

  • Improved OCR performance of 🇮🇳 Indian ID documents, and ID documents with diacritics such as those in 🇹🇷 Turkey, 🇫🇷 France, and 🇳🇿 New Zealand


  • Fixed an bug where you could disable the Screening setting for requiring all reviews to be submitted before you can change its status without disabling the Four Eyes review system
  • Fixed an issue where Flow step interstitials had incorrect behavior if the next step is yet to be determined
  • Fixed an error on the Flow dashboard for when a session can't be fingerprinted
  • Fixed an issue where when checking image metadata for ID documents, a missing timezone offset could cause an error
  • Fixed an issue where reflows would contribute to a user's Flow Network velocity
  • Fixed an issue where manually approved or rejected Flow session steps were not considered terminal events
  • Fixed an issue on Webkit browsers where icons would have incorrect hover states on the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where "No Data" would be shown for US Lightning verifications on the top level breakdown, but constituent traits had matching information
  • Fixed an issue where webhooks were not being emitted for manually approved or rejected Flow steps
  • Fixed an issue where changing between ID document attempts could cause ID document pictures to not be rendered
  • Fixed an issue with Flow sessions erroring out when ISP type cannot be determined
  • Fixed an issue where entering a long address line2 could result in a front-end error when completing a Flow session
  • Resolved an inconsistent design between Flow steps that have yet to be completed
  • Fixed an issue where date of birth was not extracted from Canadian drivers licenses
  • Fixed an issue with reading ID documents with hyphenated names

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