Changelog for November 22, 2021

30% faster liveness verifications, fewer clicks to finish Screening reviews, SMS OTP autofill 😄


  • We simplified selfie checks, removing the requirement for users to turn their head to one side. We found this to be the most error-prone step (for example, confusing it with tilting versus turning the head). We adjusted the timing of the other steps accordingly allowing us to maintain the same security profile and improve pass rates

    Faster liveness checks

  • Automatically set the overall Screening status during a hit review to cleared or rejected based on the combination of confirmed and dismissed hits in a review

    Auto set screening status

  • Significantly improved the reliability of SMS OTP autocomplete when used through an iOS or Android WebView

  • We've improved our PEP database reducing the number of IZ_PEP individuals with no associated country codes or locations by 50%

  • Improved the robustness of IP address geocoding

  • Improved the design of the back button in Screening to match Flow's style

  • Updated the header for Screenings to match Flow for visual continuity

    New screening header design

  • The dashboard will now intelligently redirect you to products that are actually enabled on your account when you navigate to the root

  • If you have the secondary review feature enabled on Screening, we will now no longer show the "Two reviews are required" bar on Screenings with no hits to review to improve clarity

  • Breadcrumb navigation elements on the dashboard settings modal are now clickable

  • Added date of birth typo correction to Screening

    Date of birth typo correction

  • We no longer auto-asssign Screenings if their initial status is cleared

  • Loading liveness videos on the dashboard now display a loading spinner rather than appearing blank

  • Added additional sanity checks to date ranges of OCR'd data from ID documents


  • Fixed a visual glitch on the dashboard when a fallback step is expected on Flow but instead the session reached a terminal state
  • Fixed an overly strict assertion on the Screening dashboard that could cause errors when submitting reviews
  • More aggressively set liveness sessions to pending to make accidental page refreshes not end up in a stuck state for the end user
  • Fixed a visual issue where extracted ID doc names would get cut off by the container to their right
  • Fixed an issue where a liveness verification would not get processed if we couldn't extract a face from an ID document
  • Fixed a visual issue where our dashboard error bar would sit below on-screen elements rendering it difficult to read
  • Fixed an issue where sessions with manually approved steps could not be reflowed
  • Fixed an issue where the "Last saved at" timestamp would not be correctly updated on a Flow template
  • Fixed a bug where users who have "auto-assign" enabled on their Screening program could experience an API error when new hits were discovered
  • Fixed an issue where an ID document step could appear to have passed or failed but no results show on the dashboard

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