Changelog for November 29, 2021

Webhook testing system, one-click copy and paste for IDs, and more bug fixes 🪝


  • Webhook reliability and security are two of the top priorities of a successful Cognito Flow or Screening integration. To make this process easier, we've released our in-depth webhook testing system which allows you to fire off webhooks on demand and receive live feedback to guide you to make sure you've properly programmed your webhook handler.

    Webhook testing


  • We tweaked the risk profile of and email addresses so that they are not deemed as high risk

  • Improved the performance of Flow Network counts

  • You can now click the clipboard icon on Flow sessions next to customer reference IDs and Cognito IDs to instantly copy them

    Copy Flow IDs


  • Fixed a regression causing device fingerprinting to not work for some users
  • Fixed an issue where the Flow Network Explorer did not appear if device fingerprinting failed
  • Fixed an issue where the loading spinner on liveness videos on the dashboard caused the user's face to be off-center
  • Fixed an issue where Flow sessions whose last step was "manually approved / rejected" could not be reflowed
  • Fixed an issue where alphabets that aren't supported by our cross-lingual matching engine would fail comparison
  • Fixed an issue where liveness could fail because of an unexpected response type

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