Changelog for December 6, 2021

Audit trails for Flow step overrides and network failure resistant ID doc uploads ✍️


  • You can now easily see who overrode a Flow session step and what their decision was. This provides a coherent and clear timeline of exactly what happened through the lifecycle of a customer verification.

    Audit trails for overrides


  • Significantly improved the resilience of ID document file uploads. If there is a network or user interruption mid-upload, the system will now gracefully let the user retry and salvage any data that was already uploaded previously.

  • We now show a helpful message that stops you from disabling ID number collection if you have a match rule that depends on it ID number rule error message

  • Copy paste buttons will now reset to be copyable again after a couple of seconds

  • Added a copy and paste button to IDs and customer reference IDs in the Screening product

  • We now show the Screening program name in the header of the program you're currently in to match how the Flow product behaves

  • Increased the max number of allowed attempts to enter a correct SMS verification from 2 to 3. We have seen this improve the pass rate of some customers

  • We now omit the data.step key for webhooks for Flow sessions where the current step is ambiguous. For example, when the user might complete Lightning or Document Verification next depending on which country they choose.

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