Changelog for December 13, 2021

PEP occupations in Screening, liveness spoof detection, improved Japanese ID support 💼


  • Potential PEP hits within the Screening program will now display, where available, associated occupations and positions and their associated tenure in those positions. This can help when determining the validity of PEPs and further aid EDD processes.

Occupations for PEP hits


  • Significantly improved our ability to catch liveness fraud attempts
  • Significantly improved the reading of certain Japanese ID document types by supporting the Japanese imperial calendar
  • We have added a webhook circuit breaker and notification system that will email your account owners if a webhook connection starts returning errors. This can help you quickly find and fix issues with your connection to Cognito's systems.
  • Improved the design of comments in the Screening dashboard
  • The risk rule builder will no longer show National ID as a selectable attribute if you have disabled National ID collection for that country
  • We now expose for hosted Flows to help make iOS and Android mobile WebView integration easier for certain integration setups
  • Improved the OCR engine for ID documents to be more robust and accurate
  • Improved the false positive rate for the forensics check for ID documents
  • Improved US phone area code validation in Flow


  • Increased the robustness of our fingerprinting system to be more tolerant to backend changes
  • There was big news last week about the Log4j security exploit that is seen in many systems around the web. We devoted considerable resources to remediating and patching any potentially vulnerable systems. Cognito systems were already using up-to-date versions of Java which protected against the most easily exploited paths for the CVE, but we have also applied additional recommended fixes to cover the remaining potential cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Screening timeline items were shown in chronological order rather than reverse chronological order
  • Fixed an issue where comments were not being displayed in the Screening dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where the ID documents and liveness videos displayed when switching between reflows would be stale and not update to the current Flow session
  • Fixed a regression that could reduce liveness pass rates as a result of a codex change
  • Fixed a bug where the reflow navigator would visually obstruct new reflows that were just created

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