Changelog for December 20, 2021

Upgraded review experience for ID documents, general product cleanup and fixes 📙


  • When overriding a failed ID document verification, we now allow you to choose the canonical attempt of the verification. This will then be reflected in the API response for the Flow session, and any subsequent times you review the Flow session, the ID document card will default to displaying that attempt. This can help make cases where different attempts had varying quality or used different ID document types. This feature should help you keep your data consistent and clean and reduce confusion for future reviewers.

    Attempt override selector

    Completed attempt override

  • Reflows will now display who initiated the reflow, whether it was initiated via API, and when it was initiated.

    Reflow audit trail


  • Made it so that you can no longer expire API keys if they are still associated with a webhook configuration
  • Improved the behavior around unexpected liveness outcomes (such as when a required port is blocked) to now show relevant error messages
  • Improved our name comparison logic to cover more cases we have seen in the wild, improving pass rates marginally
  • Improved the design of the Flow Editor on screens with less horizontal space
  • Refreshed the address designations and lists of cities/states/provinces to aid our processing of PEP-related data, which now has some pass-through improvements as a result
  • Updated the Flow and Screening dashboard timelines to share a common set of designs and components for timeline entries


  • We now no longer show the reflow link for pending review sessions or sessions with any steps that are still processing
  • We now hide the "Override Result" button for in-progress steps
  • Fixed the behavior of dropdowns in the Flow dashboard to make their pop up locations always work as expected. Previously they would behave oddly or be partially hidden in a handful of contexts.
  • Fixed an issue where the play button on liveness videos could be partially occluded
  • Fixed an issue where a handful of ID document types would persistently time out before verification completion

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