Changelog for January 3, 2022

Upgraded UX for users who fail verification, and device fingerprinting improvements 🚦


  • In previous versions of Flow, if an end user failed a specific verification step, the session would short circuit and mark the user as failed. In Flows with complex step interactions, this would mean that if a support agent wanted to override a failed step, they would need to ask an end user to return and try the rest of the verification steps, such as selfie verification, if any earlier steps failed. This slows down the verification process for everyone and increases the risk of user abandonment.

    Below you can see an example of a verification with a failed Lightning step. Even though Lightning failed, all of the other steps were collected and run:

    Non-blocking steps

    We have rewritten our step engine which will now let end users complete all verification steps that are applicable to a template, regardless of whether they fail. Support agents can then review sessions, override failed steps, and pass the customer without requiring any more user intervention.


  • Improved detection of Safari Incognito Mode in Flow
  • Reduced the size of our fingerprinting system's payload so that it loads and initializes more quickly
  • The Flow dashboard will now show a high risk badge next to selfie verifications that look like they are of a presentation attack


  • Fixed some visual regressions with double borders in the new Screening hit summary
  • Changed the webhook testing system to have a 5 second timeout to reduce some false positive test fails
  • Fixed an issue where the copy and paste button's checkmark icon would become hilariously large after copying the field's contents
  • Fixed an issue where a special set of ASCII characters read off of ID documents could cause ID documents to not process quickly
  • Fixed an issue where selfie face comparison would not run with the new non-blocking step system if the ID document check failed, but a face was still extracted from the ID
  • Fixed an issue that could cause fingerprinting to not work for end users who are on Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where the close button would not appear on Flows with pre-filled name and phone number

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