Changelog for January 31, 2022

Search Screenings by customer reference, Android events, and enhanced ID doc verifications 🔎


  • 🇹🇷 The Turkish Capital Markets Board list (API code: TR_CMB) is now available for screening individuals Turkish Capital Markets Board list
  • The Screening API and dashboard now allows you to search for Screenings by your own customer reference Customer reference search on the dashboard
  • It's now possible to listen for Flow frontend events using an HTML5 MessagePort. See the docs for an example for Android


  • Documentary verifications have received several improvements
    • Face images are now extracted for more documents
    • Text extraction is improved for several document types
    • Document type classification is now more reliable
    • Dozens of document types have now have better overall processing
  • Selfie checks are now slightly more accurate when static image capture is used
  • 🇱🇰 Improved deliverability of SMS verifications in Sri Lanka
  • For Screening programs which require multiple reviewers, assignment on the dashboard is now restricted to members of that program
  • Entity Screenings now have improved name matching for several languages (Thai, Greece, Hebrew, Burmese, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese)
  • Documentary verifications and Screenings of individuals now have improved phonetic name matching for Katakana
  • Minor visual improvements for customer reference searches which yield no results
  • More reliable country data for the IZ_PEP screening list
  • Improved the wording shown when an SMS verification attempt expires
  • Undeliverable phone numbers supplied to Flow through our hybrid API or through a bulk import can now be overridden by the end user


  • Fixed an issue where some screenings could not be transitioned into a cleared or rejected status
  • Fixed a bug where a Document Id indicator would wrongly appear on the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where SMS verifications would wrongly show as expired on the Flow modal if the user's clock was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the customer reference search for a Flow on the dashboard could show a stale search term
  • Fixed a historical issue where a small handful of documentary verifications incorrectly showed an earlier upload attempt

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