Changelog for February 7, 2022

Improved document expiration date handling, automatic reloading for Flows, and bug fixes ⏳


  • Flow will now automatically reload in many cases where a session is open but not up-to-date, instead of displaying an error. This is especially beneficial for situations where a Flow has been opened in more than one tab, window, or browser.


  • Expiration dates are successfully extracted in more documentary verifications
  • When an expiration date can't be extracted, there is now a notice explaining this on the dashboard Missing expiration date info
  • Device fingerprinting completes successfully in more cases
  • Documentary verification images are now scaled down in the dashboard to make reviewing imperfectly cropped images easier


  • Fixed a bug where deleted users could appear in the Screening assignment dropdown
  • Fixed a bug where documentary images could be stale and then would suddenly "pop in" when navigating between multiple attempts

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