Changelog for February 21, 2022

Screening review improvements, enhanced Brazillian PEP data, and various bug fixes ✅


  • All hits must now be confirmed or dismissed when performing a review. This helps remove several confusing cases involving partially reviewed screenings.

    Confirming all hits


  • Enhanced job and title metadata is available for Brazillian PEP entries
  • Users who are not allowed to review a screening can no longer be assigned to a screening on the dashboard
  • The status selector is no longer shown on the right side of a screening if it is not possible to successfully update the overall status
  • API key values now show an ellipses if the whole value cannot be displayed
  • User names and emails now show an ellipses if the whole value cannot be displayed when listing screenings


  • Fixed a bug where the current summary of hits shown for a screening would not show a red dot (confirmed hit) or yellow dot (pending review) when it should have Hit summary indicators
  • Fixed a bug where a screening overview could crash if more than 25 revisions had occurred for that screening
  • Fixed a race condition that could occur when rapidly interacting with more than one screening
  • Fixed a bug where listing screenings could break if that screening was associated with a handful of countries
  • Fixed a case where the flow API could return an unhelpful 500 errpr instead of a detailed validation error for invalid id numbers

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