Changelog for April 4, 2022

Screening hit type filtering and a fully overhauled secondary review system 📥


  • You can now filter Screening customers by the existence of PEP, sanction, or criminal hits. This can help you prioritize which queues to review so you can improve your focus

    Watchlist hit filtering

  • We've completely overhauled how Screening secondary approvals for hits are displayed in the dashboard. Based on customer feedback we have significantly improved the clarity of exactly what happened and when during a secondary approval process

    Double approval redesign


  • Upgraded the UK, Turkey and Australian watchlists to support new data changes
  • Redesigned the user program access selector table for Screenings
  • Improved incognito mode detection accuracy for fingerprinting in Safari
  • Improved the behavior of when new potential watchlist hits are discovered between an initial approval and a secondary Screening approval. The fact that a reset is occurring is now also displayed in the feed.


  • Fixed an issue with auto-advancing Flow sessions that have a Screening watchlist hit when secondary approvals for reviews are enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Identity Search index container would not match the width of the historical searches graph
  • Fixed an issue with the test mode banner being obscured in certain situations on the Flow Editor
  • Fixed an issue where long program names would be incorrectly clipped in the New Screening modal
  • Fixed an issue with long program names breaking the Screening index header

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