Changelog for May 9, 2022

Screening reports, new review workflows, searchable country configuration, and more 📃


  • You can now create CSV exports of all screenings created within a selected date range. Navigate to the "Screening reports" tab to generate your first report

    Screening export

  • We have overhauled screening reviews to help you tailor workflows to your specific use case. You can now choose when to require a secondary review and configure whether additional reviews are escalated to a manager

    Review behavior UI

  • In secondary review workflows, we now require both reviews to be in agreement for all hits. If there is a disagreement, or if a new hit is surfaced before the second review is completed, the review process will be restarted

    Review conflict


  • The country selection modal in the editor now allows you to search by country name and country code

    Country selection searchbar

  • Timestamps on the flow and screening timelines are now displayed in a simpler and clearer way

  • The program reviewers table is now hidden if no roles were assigned for that program

  • The program reviewers "Permissions" wording was clarified to "Role"

  • Additional validations were added to the SSN input field

  • The document verification system now catches additional cases of fraud

  • Improved copy and styling for match rule warnings

  • The dashboard now displays a clearer message when no data can be found for a Lightning verification


  • Fixed a bug where Malaysian ID documents could not be approved since they do not have a date of birth
  • Fixed an issue where some checkboxes in the Flow Editor would render incorrectly
  • Fixed input validations on the Street and City address fields in Flow
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the back button after selecting a document type would not reset the selection
  • Fixed a bug where users would not be alerted if their phone number was invalid
  • Fixed a bug where some custom reflows could get stuck right before the Selfie Check step
  • Fixed a missing space in the screening review display in the timeline
  • Fixed an issue where you could resubmit a document type while a document was already processing and see an error
  • Fixed some visual glitches with screening configuration selectors

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