Changelog for July 26, 2021

Create hosted verifications via API and more Flow step context 🚶


  • Added the ability to start Flow sessions through the API. You can optionally also return a hosted link for created sessions, which makes integrating with mobile apps significantly easier 📱
  • Skipped fallback steps now have an explanatory description on the Flow dashboard. For example: Skipping Document Verification because it is not required when Lightning Verification passes.


  • Flow modal layout support for upcoming iOS 15 Safari changes
  • Image clarity section on the Flow dashboard is now broken out for documentary verifications

image info

  • We now automatically keep the previewed country in sync with the Rules Editor selected country to reduce confusion
  • QR Codes are now easier to scan for Flow mobile handoffs
  • All document upload attempts can now be viewed on the Flow dashboard, not just the latest attempt

image info


  • Fixed bug with phone number validations in the Flow modal
  • Fixed an issue where first names were not extracted from some documents
  • Fixed rare crash with displaying some documentary verifications on the Flow dashboard
  • Several overly strict postal code validations were removed from the Flow modal

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