Changelog for July 19, 2021

Improved Flow dashboard UX, Canadian data, Screening integration, and more 🎊


  • Added in-context messages between Flow steps explaining why they did or did not run

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  • Added customer input summary to Flow dashboard sidebar
  • Added support for US territories on our live application system


  • Significantly improved data source quality for Canadian Lightning verifications
  • Added an informational warning about country selection for certain kinds of Flow retries
  • Screening profiles are now reused on Flow retries
  • Improved ID document processing experience for documentary verifications and added estimated completion times

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  • Fixed error handling for inviting a user that already exists
  • Fixed URL validation for entity screening
  • Fixed Flow validation bug that improperly handled some empty fields
  • Fixed issue where non-US phone number was allowed for US verifications
  • Fixed Flow modal bug which could occur in a minority of Flow retries

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