Changelog for August 23, 2021

Hybrid Flows: Verify users via API and dynamically handle fallbacks and exceptions via UI ☯️


  • We're excited to announce the release of the Hybrid Flow beta. Hybrid Flows are one of our most requested features, allowing you to pass Cognito any data you have already collected about your users (name, email, date of birth, phone, address, and even ID numbers like the United States' SSN, Canada's SIN, Mexico's CURP, etc.) so that you do not need to re-prompt users for already-collected data.

    Introducing Hybrid Flows

    If a country supports Lightning Verification and you supply all of the necessary information, users can be verified without ever displaying the Flow UI. If a user can't be verified purely with Lightning, or your workflow requires additional steps, you can then drop users directly onto the next step seamlessly.

    Hybrid Flows unlock the potential for you to verify the majority of customers using your own native UIs and still have dynamic fallbacks and exceptions be handled with the Flow UI, significantly reducing integration and maintenance complexity. They also work perfectly when used alongside our managed UI - allowing you to start a session via API and then optionally work directly with customers via support using our "link to Flow" hosted verification UI.

    You can learn about how to pass data to your Flow sessions on our API reference.


  • Improved style and behavior of scrolling on the dashboard sidebar when you have a lot of Screening programs or Flow templates
  • Improved underlying reliability of our search nodes for Screening


  • Fixed an issue with missing glare indicators for ID document verification
  • Fixed an issue with resuming a Flow during the SMS verification step causing an error

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