Changelog for June 3, 2021

Reflow customers for periodic KYC or exception handling 🔁


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Reflows are now live in production, both via our dashboard and via API 🎉

In the dashboard, you can now visit any finished session (either successfully completed, failed, or expired) and select either:

  • Retry from Start - if you want the customer to start over at the first step
  • Retry from Failed - if you want the customer to try again, starting at the step they failed
  • Customize - if you want to pick and choose which steps you still want the customer to complete

Retried sessions are also linked in the dashboard, so you always have a record of every verification attempt a given customer has made.

Also, if you want your app to automatically authorize retries, you can use the new retry API, documented on our API reference.


  • New more user friendly design for submitting ID documents on Flow
  • We now display tooltips on social network icons in Flow report so you can see what social network it is
  • Allow users to retry document verification if they fail for a benign reason (blurry doc, bad lighting, etc)

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