Changelog for August 16, 2021

Sandbox integration helper and manually cancelable flow session 🏖


  • When deployed in sandbox mode, there is now a helpful pop up that explains how to complete each step and links to relevant documentation. This is part of an ongoing effort to make integrating and testing Flow easier.

Sandbox integration helper

  • Flow sessions can now be canceled manually on the dashboard

Cancellable Flow sessions


  • Removed confusing message that showed some steps as still pending when they were expired or canceled on the Flow dashboard
  • The sidebar on the dashboard now scrolls if you have too many Flow templates or Screening programs to fit vertically
  • The liveness mode toggle no longer displays in the sidebar on the dashboard if your account does not have live access
  • Document verification attempts can now be viewed on the Flow dashboard before the entire Documentary Verification step has been completed


  • Fixed an issue where pending_review steps could trigger an error in the Flow API and during some Flow sessions
  • Fixed an issue where a custom reflow with only Selfie Check could fail
  • Fixed some incorrect ID number validations in the Flow modal
  • Fixed a bug where Selfie Checks could appear to loop and request the same interaction more than once
  • Fixed a bug where some tooltip explainers were absent on the Flow dashboard

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