Changelog for August 9, 2021

Selfie checks, improved mobile experience, and additional social media data 🤳


  • Selfie checks, to ensure your customer is real and matches their ID documents, have been released! Collecting a live video of users can now be configured on a per-country basis to run as a part of every Flow session or only when performing documentary verifications.

Selfie checks

  • Added more linked social media account data, including: Airbnb, Amazon,, Discord, Kakao, Line,, Qzone, Snapchat, Zalo

New social media checks

  • Expired sessions can now be automatically retried by users after a period of two weeks


  • On mobile Flow sessions, the Continue button now appears above the keyboard when all information is filled

Improved keyboard button behavior

  • On mobile, Flow sessions now scroll to the top of the form on each new page
  • If a Flow session is canceled during a Flow retry, users now see a friendly notice
  • When requesting that a user retry a document verification, we now provide a clear message if we detect that the document was expired
  • Improved mobile safari form styling to make form fields feel more like a native app
  • The Flow country dropdown now lists Czech Republic instead of Czechia


  • An issue where resuming a Flow session could fail if the user had previously only filled their country
  • Fixed an issue on desktop where scrolling the page could incorrectly position the Flow modal
  • Fixed an issue where some active Flow sessions might not display in the dashboard if a step was processing
  • Fixed Flow retries for sessions that have not yet accepted the terms of service
  • Disabled ambiguous infer behavior for the Flow retries API for sessions that are still active
  • Fixed incorrect url validation for privacy policies in Flow templates

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