The future of automated business verification and officer due diligence.

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Secure, real-time business verification - incorporation, officers, addresses, risk categories, web presence and adverse media.

Meet the Cognito
Business report.

The Cognito Business Report is built to address the tedious manual review that compliance and verification teams face every day, allowing unprecedented workflow automation.

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Why Cognito Business?

Business details and flags

Learn about the size, industries, years in operation, funding, and general business information while flagging high risk characteristics.

Company officers with watchlist screening

Locate company officers and their associated web presence, and automatically review any watchlist or PEP matches.

Registration and filings

See a breakdown of state-level registrations and filings and, where available, the corporation status.

Locations of operation

Determine all of the addresses associated with a business and discover the associated risks of vacancy, rented mailbox status, and deliverability.

Web and social presence

Analyze a company’s website for prohibited topics, create automated snapshots, and view the social networks associated with the business.

Adverse media and reporting stats

See the history of adverse media and reporting on a business to help determine the risks of working with a business.

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