Fight fraud with phone to ID link

Cognito Identity API connects your phone number with your traditional ID data like name, date of birth, address and SSN to help verify user authenticity.

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Why Cognito Identity?

Our online identity verification API is designed to provide the best user experience possible without sacrificing any of the essential security. With Cognito, you’ll reduce fraud, maintain your reputation, avoid hefty fines, and maximize your organization’s efficiency. Easily scale and adapt Cognito’s ID verification solution to fit your business needs, it requires nothing more than your user’s name and phone number.

Increase conversion rates

Looking for the best ID verification API that won’t hinder your current workflow? You’re in luck. Our identity verification service adapts to your flow, it doesn’t define it. Cognito only requires a phone number to start verifying your users, fast, reducing unnecessary friction.


Industry-leading match rates

We source the highest quality regulated data to maximize your match rate and minimize manual review. Cognito’s identity verification service API compares user data with reliable and independent data sources, giving you exhaustive match results in real-time.


No hits? It's on us

If Cognito’s API identity verification request was unsuccessful, you don’t have to worry about wasted resources and funds. We believe in results, which is why our identity verification service only charges you when we’re able to provide results on your customers.

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Reduce fraud

By connecting identities with phone numbers for ID verification, we can reduce fraud while eliminating the need for onerous legacy solutions. With Cognito’s ID verification API, you can verify customers’ identities in real-time and meet regulatory compliance requirements with ease.

Simple integration

Cognito identity verification service API is sophisticated, simple, and secure to implement. Most clients are live in two days or less.

Flexible for your use case

Every industry and market has its own peculiarities but our online identity verification API is designed to adapt to your industry, workflow, and can be tailored to your business needs. Cognito Identity’s flexible approach is built to work with a large variety of use cases and industries.

Minimize business risk


Our identity verification service API minimizes your business’s risk and enhances compliance. Stop fraudsters from signing up for your service by ensuring that your customers are using a real identity associated with their phone number.

Power your compliance

KYC compliance

Cognito's online identity verification API is built to help you protect your business and reputation. Use our sophisticated ID verification API to verify the name, date of birth, address, phone, and SSN of your customers to comply with CIP and KYC regulations.

See full address histories

Address verification

With Cognito's API identity verification, you'll see up to the last 15 addresses associated with your customer as well as estimates for when they lived at those locations to tie a person to a place. No other complete ID verification API can do the same with just a name and phone number.

Age 16

Quickly verify user age

Age verification

With Cognito’s identity verification API, you can quickly adjust and adhere to the latest FDA age requirements as well as any state and federal regulations you are required to follow. Our online identity verification API makes it easy to do your due diligence and keep adult products, content, and services out of the hands of underage users.

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