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Signs that you need a new screening solution

Our watchlist product is designed for common
issues that high growth companies face.

You need to re-scan 10,000 - 100 million users on a regular basis.

Automatic Re-Scans

You have issues with false positives or false negatives in your compliance queues.

Search Algorithms

You need software to keep track of where customers are in the compliance process and keep an audit trail.

Compliance CRM

Your current flows are high friction for your customers and create support tickets.

Gradual Verification
Cognito's screening product was easy to integrate and has helped us filter out false positives while maintaining a high quality sanction screening program.
Meg Nakamura
Chief Executive Officer

Automatically re-scan your users.

If you have an ongoing relationship with your customers, you need ongoing compliance. Cognito is able to re-screen hundreds of millions of users per month to catch any changes in the status of your customers.

If you have 1 million customers, this means…

4 Hits

Per Day

25 Hits

Per Week

100 Hits

Per Month

Calculations are approximate.

A complete compliance CRM.

Track where your customers are in their process and allow your agents to visualize and triage cases with a beautiful interface and audit trails. Integrate with our workflow APIs for fine-tuned and automated management.

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Rejected by Agent

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Rejected by Agent

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A watchlist time machine.

Cognito keeps track of how watchlist hits on your customers change over time, giving you a detailed breakdown of new names, locations, passports, dates of birth, and everything required for investigations.

Industry-leading search algorithms.

Our search technology takes into account the day-to-day edge cases that occur with watch list database and user inputs to provide a reliable and comprehensive list of potential matches for your customers.

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Analyze. Optimize. Repeat.

Simulate sensitivity and program changes with samples of your real user-base to estimate how changes in your compliance program will impact agent workload and overarching goals quickly and easily.

Reduce friction by gradually verifying your user.

Cognito is designed to start screening your customers with as little information as possible and then gradually fill out the profile of a customer, helping you screen them at every step of the way for one flat per-customer price.

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