Real-time company and merchant verification

By Alain Meier on July 23, 2014

At BlockScore, we provide an API that allows companies to easily verify customer identities. We do all the heavy lifting for you: correlate data across credit bureaus, motor vehicle records, address histories, watchlists, and other records and wrap it all into a simple API that you can integrate into your signup flow. Our vision is to provide the world’s best intelligent identity verification system. Today, we’re announcing the next major milestone in our journey: company verifications.

You can now ensure the information provided by companies with which you do business matches tax IDs and other corporate information for compliance and IRS penalty avoidance. You can verify companies, counterparties, and merchants in real-time without manual processes, and verify that you are not doing business with any sanctioned companies. Company verifications are most useful if:

  • you process payments for merchants that use your service; you have a process to collect incorporation documents from companies as part of your on-boarding process;
  • you need to verify EIN (employer tax identification number) for tax purposes;

We currently can verify US-based companies with more countries on the way.

The company verification API is available in the BlockScore v3 API and covered in the documentation.

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