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Introducing Cognito Flow, the all-in-one ID verification platform

When Cognito first launched, we aimed to make ID verification online as simple as possible for businesses. In the years since, ID verification has become significantly more complex both due to increased regulatory scrutiny as well as the business need to provide both a low-friction and high-security onboarding flow for customers.

Today we’re introducing our vision for the future of ID verification, Cognito Flow. Flow is a drop-in ID verification system that contains all of the necessary components for a complete and robust identity verification setup, from hundreds of data sources across the globe, to passport and driver’s license verifications, liveness checks, risk flags, and much more, all handled intelligently that evolves with the industry so you don’t have to.

Offer the lowest friction ID verification experience for all customers, globally

We have helped our customers verify and screen tens of millions of users. As part of this process, we’ve learned about the kinds of problems that can plague a verification user experience as well as the myriad issues that businesses encounter when trying to collect accurate data from their users. We have designed Flow with these data points in mind so that your verification experience converts users from around the world with the highest possible rates.

Integrate in minutes

Flow’s integration starts with just a snippet of Javascript that is optimized for mobile and web. We do everything we can to make sure that Flow loads lightning fast and feels great no matter what kind of device your user has. What would have taken weeks of development time and months of fine-tuning and trial and error has been reduced to minutes.

Fully automated passport, ID card, drivers license, and selfie verification

Flow’s documentary verification screens thousands of document types from 235 countries and territories around the world. Verification of the documents takes between 5 and 15 seconds and is fully automated. We support international character sets such as Hebrew, Cyrilic, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese, which integrates hand in hand with our global watchlist screening algorithms.

Many solutions only read barcodes or use humans for manual document review. Flow has advanced OCR that accurately reads the fronts and backs of documents to allow more cross-comparisons and anti-fraud checks. Other anti-fraud checks include analyzing document integrity, formatting, whether it’s a picture of a screen or photocopy, has evidence of tampering or image manipulation software, and much more.

Customize to match your brand

Tailor the verification experience to match your company identity and feel like an extension of your platform by customizing brand colors and your logo.

Manage workflows without code

Remove the middlemen and let your compliance and fraud teams manage success criteria directly. No more cross-team miscommunication or badly documented behaviors. By increasing the speed of iteration and allowing decision makers to make changes themselves, Flow enables you to run experiments and optimize your verification process in real time.

Our risk engine comes standard

Harness the power of cutting edge anti-fraud without the information overload. Flow looks at hundreds of attributes for signs of fraud and reports them as straightforward explanations. The Flow risk engine checks for email, phone, IP address, and device ID risk factors. Our risk rules editor gives you the ability to customize your acceptable risk levels across all categories.

Automatically stays up-to-date so you don’t have to

ID verification and its associated requirements and technologies are always changing. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly infeasible for teams to maintain a high-quality verification experience in-house. One of Flow’s design goals was to be able to stay up-to-date without requiring our customers to re-integrate new APIs or systems. Since Flow is implemented with a Javascript snippet, Cognito can push out new upgrades to your Flow without your intervention. As we add new features, you can instantly benefit and roll out upgrades within minutes.

Just the beginning

Flow represents a completely new way of deploying and maintaining ID verification systems, and we’re extremely excited about its possibilities. What we are releasing today is just the very beginning of the features and enhancements that we are working hard on and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store.

To get started with the Flow beta, sign up for a sandbox account today and reach out to to be admitted into the beta.

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