Algorithms and Lists

Note: This page applies to Cognito’s Screening product. For information about algorithms and lists for the BlockScore watchlist screening service, please contact

Cognito’s watchlist screening system supports a wide variety of algorithms and languages to support common inconsistencies across both user inputs and underlying watchlist search data.

Supported Languages

SpanishSimplified ChineseGreek
PashtoThaiTraditional Chinese


Supported Algorithms

Phonetic similarityJesus ↔ Heyzeus ↔ Haezoos
Transliteration spelling differencesAbdul Rasheed ↔ Abd al-Rashid
NicknamesWilliam ↔ Will ↔ Bill ↔ Billy
Missing spaces or hyphensMaryEllen ↔ Mary Ellen ↔ Mary-Ellen
Titles and honorificsDr. ↔ Mr. ↔ Ph.D.
Truncated name componentsMcDonalds ↔ McDonald ↔ McD
Missing name componentsPhillip Charles Carr ↔ Phillip Carr
Out-of-order name componentsDiazCarlos Alfonzo ↔ Carlos Alfonzo Diaz
InitialsJ. E. Smith ↔ James Earl Smith
Names split inconsistently across database fieldsDickVan Dyke ↔ Dick Van . Dyke
Same name in multiple languagesMao Zedong ↔ Мао Цзэдун ↔ 泽东 ↔ 澤東
Semantically similar namesEagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ↔ Eagle Drugs, Co.
Semantically similar names across languageNippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation ↔ 日本電信電話株式会社


Supported Watchlists

US – Office of Foreign Assets Control

  • Specially Designated Nationals List
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders
  • Palestinian Legislative Council
  • Sectoral Sanctions Identifications

US – Department of State

  • Nonproliferation Sanctions
  • AECA Debarred

Bureau of Industry and Security

  • Denied Persons List

UK – Her Majesty’s Treasury

  • Consolidated list

EU – European External Action Service

  • Consolidated list

AU – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Consolidated list

CA  – Government of Canada

  • Consolidated List of Sanctions

United Nations

  • Consolidated list

Politically Exposed Persons

  • CIA List of World Leaders

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