Algorithms and Lists

Note: This page applies to Cognito’s soon-to-be released screening product. For information about algorithms and lists for the BlockScore watchlist screening service, please contact [email protected]

Cognito’s watchlist screening system supports a wide variety of algorithms and languages to support common inconsistencies across both user inputs and underlying watchlist search data.

Supported Languages

Arabic German Korean
Spanish Simplified Chinese Greek
Pashto Thai Traditional Chinese
Hungarian Persian Urdu
English Italian Portuguese
French Japanese Russian


Supported Algorithms

Phonetic similarity Jesus ↔ Heyzeus ↔ Haezoos
Transliteration spelling differences Abdul Rasheed ↔ Abd al-Rashid
Nicknames William ↔ Will ↔ Bill ↔ Billy
Missing spaces or hyphens MaryEllen ↔ Mary Ellen ↔ Mary-Ellen
Titles and honorifics Dr. ↔ Mr. ↔ Ph.D.
Truncated name components McDonalds ↔ McDonald ↔ McD
Missing name components Phillip Charles Carr ↔ Phillip Carr
Out-of-order name components DiazCarlos Alfonzo ↔ Carlos Alfonzo Diaz
Initials J. E. Smith ↔ James Earl Smith
Names split inconsistently across database fields DickVan Dyke ↔ Dick Van . Dyke
Same name in multiple languages Mao Zedong ↔ Мао Цзэдун ↔ 泽东 ↔ 澤東
Semantically similar names Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ↔ Eagle Drugs, Co.
Semantically similar names across language Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation ↔ 日本電信電話株式会社


Supported Watchlists

US – Bureau of Industry and Security

  • Entity List
  • Denied Persons List
  • Unverified List

US – Office of Foreign Assets Control

  • Specially Designated Nationals List
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders
  • Palestinian Legislative Council
  • Sectoral Sanctions Identifications
  • Foreign Financial Institutions Subject to Part 561
  • Non-SDN Iranian Sanctions Act
  • List of Persons Identified as Blocked Solely Pursuant to Executive Order 13599

US – Bureau of International Security and  Nonproliferation

  • Nonproliferation Sanctions

US – Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

  • AECA Debarred

US – Central Intelligence Agency

  • Politically Exposed Persons

UK – Her Majesty’s Treasury

  • Consolidated list

CA – Office of the Superintendent of  Financial Institutions

  • Anti-terrorism financing individuals
  • Anti-terrorism financing entities

EU – European External Action Service

  • Consolidated list

AU – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Consolidated list

United Nations

  • Consolidated list

JP – The Ministry of Economy

  • Foreign End User List

CH – State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

  • Consolidated list

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