Changelog for October 4, 2021

Advanced Screening review mode, custom ID document types, upgraded document name matching, and much more 👀


  • We've released a new advanced case review mode for Screening that allows you to adhere to the Four Eyes principle while completing compliance investigations. New options that work hand-in-hand with this system include:
    • Requiring two team members to give a decision on a screening before changing status Four eyes screening reviews
    • The ability to automatically assign a random team member to new screenings pending review Four eyes screening reviews
    • The ability to categorize screening reviewers as "analysts" or "managers" to determine who gives final sign off when requiring two team members to review a screening Four eyes screening reviews
    • Automatic escalation of cases from analysts to managers for secondary review
  • Added the ability to enable and disable supported document types on a per-country basis. For example, if you only want to collect passports or drivers licenses, this can now be toggled on the dashboard. Document type customization
  • You can now access data we OCR from ID documents in our API response. We added extracted_data object to documents in the Flow API
    • id_number the number scanned from the ID
    • category the kind of ID
    • expiration_date the date that the ID expires
    • issuing_country the country that issued the ID
  "documentary_verification": {
    "status": "success",
    "documents": [
        "status": "success",
        "attempt": 1,
        "images": { ... },
        "extracted_data": {
          "id_number": "AB123456",
          "category": "drivers_license",
          "expiration_date": "1990-05-29",
          "issuing_country": "US"
  • A new ip_address field is now available in the Flow API
  • Added custom reflows to the Flow API
  • Frontend Flow events are now emitted to a WebKit listener. This makes mobile integration even easier and we have provided sample integration code in our API guides.


  • Documentary verification name matching quality is now substantially improved
    • This is now backed by the same advanced engine that our Screening product uses. For details about the capabilities, see the Supported Algorithms documentation
  • The "New Screening" modal on the dashboard is now scrollable on small screens
  • The "New Screening" modal on the dashboard will now submit when pressing enter
  • Screening review comments now support rich text editing Rich text editing
  • Moved "Document Issuing Country" configuration from "Setup" to "Workflow" in the Flow editor
  • The "Rulesets" section of the Flow editor now hides rule configuration that is not applicable if only Documentary verification is enabled
  • The deprecated Flow API format changes previously announced are now removed
  • We also completed various smaller ID document verification improvements:
    • Improved handling of Australian driver licences and various US ID docs
    • Improved handling of ultra high resolution images
    • Improved Hong Kong ID doc name handling and Chinese character reading
    • Improved naming conventions for Malaysia and Mexico ID docs
    • Improved forensic ID doc fraud engine


  • Fixed a bug where the "Current Summary of Hits" on the screening dashboard did not account for reviewed hits correctly
  • Fixed a minor issue where some events were slightly out of order on the Screening timeline
  • Fixed a minor address auto-completion issue for Hong Kong and other locations without a postal code
  • Fixed a bug where rendering Flow sessions with manually approved or rejected statuses in the API would fail
  • Fixed a bug where the "Upgrade to Live" prompt on the dashboard was showing up for organizations that were already live
  • Fixed a small visual artifact on hits when hovered in the Screening dashboard

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