Changelog for October 11, 2021

Anti-fraud flags for ID documents in the API, further name matching improvements, and refinements ⛳


  • ID document anti-fraud flags are now available via API! Flow Sessions now contain an analysis object with the following information to help you see why an ID document passed or failed:
  "analysis": {
    "authenticity": "match",
    "image_quality": "high",
    "extracted_data": {
      "name": "match",
      "date_of_birth": "match",
      "expiration_date": "not_expired",
      "issuing_country": "match"


  • We've improved Flow's ID doc verification pass rates by now using MRZ extracted names in place of the human readable zone extraction in the event that a document does not look fraudulent and the human readable name does not match the typed in name. This helps to smooth over benign OCR misreads

  • If a Flow session has many reflows, the reflow bar can now scroll by clicking its left and right arrows for smoother navigation Reflow bar scrolling

  • Improved the display of international Lightning verifications on the dashboard to make it clearer which sources are checked in the event that an identity does not match the checked sources

  • Added a quick button to edit a program when you are within a program

  • Improved design of the warning that is displayed at the bottom of a Screening program while editing it

  • Further improved the behavior of name comparisons between typed user input and names extracted from ID documents in Flow

  • Updated Screening program settings overviews to accurately reflect the new Four Eyes review features

  • We now show the names rather than the email addresses (if they are on a user's dashboard profile) on the Screening index


  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard would display an incorrect step transition message when liveness verifications were skipped
  • Fixed an issue where hitting "Reset to Defaults" and then attempting to publish a Flow session would display an error
  • Fixed an issue where Lightning verifications in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Slovakia, and Gibraltar would error when being run
  • Fixed an issue where international lightning verifications would misleadingly appear to not match on a trait level but the verification still passed
  • Fixed a visual issue with text being clipped in the Screening review role management UI
  • Fixed a Content Security Policy error being displayed in the developer console during Flow sessions
  • Fixed an inaccurate header being displayed on the Edit Screening page
  • Fixed a potential API error that could occur with overly long postal codes

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