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There's a better way to verify your customers

Smarter identity verification services and compliance solutions from Cognito



Identity verification optimized for conversions

Identity is complex. Cognito gives you the tools to verify your customers for a wide variety of use cases to make onboarding your customers safer than ever


All-in-one ID verification that can be integrated in minutes.

  • International ID verification
  • Workflow management
  • ID doc and selfie check


Modern AML compliance with less noise.

  • Global watchlist and PEP screening
  • Smart false-positive reduction
  • Scaleable ongoing monitoring


Frictionless ID verification that starts with a phone number.

  • Optimized for conversions
  • Simple API integration
  • Industry-leading match rates

ID verification for the full customer lifecycle

Cognito's products enable companies to meet compliance, fraud prevention, and trust and safety requirements, from new user onboarding through ongoing watchlist screening. KYC compliance has never been easier.

Onboard and convert

Cognito Flow was built to onboard and convert your new users around the world. We've helped our customers onboard tens of millions of new users, so we know a lot about maximizing conversion rates. We relentlessly optimize every flow, so you get the information you need without burdening your users. And every Cognito product is designed to seamlessly integrate with your brand.

< 60 sec

average completion time


US pass rate


RoW pass rate

Database verification

We check basic ID information against hundreds of authoritative and government data sources globally.

ID document verification

Ensures your users possess their physical ID documents.

Selfie verification

Liveness checks confirm users are who they say they are, and that they match their ID document photos.

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Verify and authenticate

Cognito connects your users' phone numbers with their traditional ID data like name, date of birth, address and SSN to help verify user identities. All for an easy, frictionless, onboarding experience that also offers industry-leading match rates.


countries supported


ID docs supported


OCR alphabets

Phone ID link

The easiest, fastest, and most reliable ID verification begins with just a phone number.

Fraud detection

Fight fraud effectively with a complete suite of anti fraud checks.

Optimized UX

Intelligently handle all edge cases for optimized conversions, all managed with no code

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Monitor and manage

Cognito Screening detects if your customers are on government watchlists with modern APIs that reduce false positives and increase efficiency. Stay compliant with AML and PEP regulations with ease.


watchlist re-scans


screening lists


cross-lingual matching pairs

Multi-lingual name match

Cutting-edge watchlist search algorithms reduce manual reviews.

Multi-user reviews

Smart auto-assignment and escalation for those rare manual reviews.

A complete compliance CRM

Case history timelines with audit trails and escalations.

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Developer first

Unlike other providers, Cognito was designed by developers, for developers so it addresses common API frustrations. Extensive API documentation, a dedicated Slack room for your company, and client SDKs for the most popular programming languages make Cognito's digital identity verification service quick and easy to integrate.


Many ways to integrate

We offer solutions from no code, hybrid, to full integration to fit all sizes of projects different needs and requirements.

No code

Verify your customers by sending them a generated link to your Flow.


Verify customers via API and dynamically handle fallbacks and exceptions with the Flow UI

Full integration

Powerful and flexible with only 20 lines of Javascript. Integrate in an afternoon and instantly have a sophisticated ID verification system.

See what we're working on

As risk and compliance rules evolve, so do we. We're always building new features to adapt to an ever-changing regulatory landscape -- and delight our customers.

January 17

Four new Turkish screening lists and improved Selfie Checks and Documentary Verifications πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

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January 10

A new Singapore watchlist, dynamic ID document compression, and improved error handling πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

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January 3

Upgraded UX for users who fail verification, and device fingerprinting improvements 🚦

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December 27

New passive liveness mode to boost pass rates and increase browser compatibility πŸ“Έ

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