API Changelog

Learn about recent changes to the API as well as our methodology for versioning.

Looking for our product changelog for everything that's new? You can find that on our Product Changelog page.

Breaking Changes Policy

We have a strictly defined policy defining what constitutes a breaking change. You can review that policy here.

API Versions

  • 2016-09-01: API version for Identity product
  • 2020-08-14: API version for Screening product
  • 2020-08-14: API version for Flow product

Note: This is not when the APIs were last updated, this is when their latest breaking changes occurred. We try to avoid breaking changes.

Historical Changes

Displayed in reverse chronological order. These dates do not necessarily correspond to API versions because most of the described changes are non-breaking. See above for the available versions.


  • (Dashboard) Screening dashboard released.
  • (API) Screening API released.


  • (Dashboard) Minor branding re-design to the dashboard to reflect new website.


  • (Dashboard) Added API keys page that account owners can now use to download their API keys.


  • (Dashboard) Added password reset system.


  • (Dashboard) Added address timeline visualization.


  • Improved name deduplication.


  • (Dashboard) Added “strong link” indicator to phones for strong matches.


  • (Dashboard) Added “active” tag to addresses in identity searches.


  • (Dashboard) Added the ability to instantly query historical searches.


  • (Dashboard) Added the ability to invite additional team members.


  • (Dashboard) Added the ability to change the time period of the search activity graph to show “week”, “month”, or “year” views.


  • (Dashboard) Released initial version of the Cognito dashboard.


  • Improved address normalization behavior on identity assessments.


  • Added nickname matching on identity assessments.


  • Added address to identity searches.
  • Added address to identity assessments.


  • Added usage field to us_address indicating how recently an address was in use.


  • Added date of birth to identity assessments.


  • Added date of birth to identity searches.


  • Improved handling of double barrelled names in identity assessments.
  • Improved scoring mechanism for dissimilar names.


  • Added Social Security Number to identity assessments.


  • Added the ability to supply a Social Security Number when creating an identity search.
  • Added area, group, and serial to the ssn object return in identity searches.


  • Added a Prefer: respond-async header to /identity_searches allowing you to force an asynchronous response on both the live and sandbox servers.
  • Added /profiles/:id and /profiles/:id/identity_searches endpoints to allow you to retrieve past identity searches using a profile ID.


  • Deprecated the beta period HTTP Basic authentication scheme.


  • Added optional include query parameter for the /identity_searchesendpoint that customizes which resources are included in the response.


  • Improved live search performance by about 20%.


  • Added validation errors for incorrectly formatted Date headers.
  • Added a maximum of 15 minutes of time difference between the client and server when verifying a signature in the Authorization header to prevent replay attacks.
  • Improved validation message for incorrectly formatted phone numbers.


  • Fixed issue which resulted in timeouts when retrieving larger than normal identity searches.
  • Improved general response times on identity searches.


  • Fixed issue where an identity search validation error could contain an incomplete JSON pointer to the attribute.


  • Initial public Cognito release.
  • Added new and improved authentication method.
  • Added required version header Cognito-Version: 2016-09-01
  • Added new IDs with prepended resource-specific identifiers. We have updated all legacy IDs to this new format. Please email support if you would like a mapping of old IDs to new IDs.
  • Changed identity assessment scores to be nullable. This is for future compatibility in situations where you submit data for comparison to the endpoint that is not available in the identity record results you received in the identity search.